Solutions for your Home

Smart homes provide homeowners with a sense of security, comfort, energy efficiency and convenience at the same time, by providing them access to control their home and office through a set of smart devices installed, using a smart home app or other networked devices. Home Automation, is when these functionalities operate together based on the preferences of the home owner and automate actions. The benefits are limitless and are more affordable than you think!

Reasons to go Smart

Efficiency – is reducing energy consumption of appliances or automating routines to save you the effort. This will ultimate save you time and money… and the ability to control it all from your mobile device. Like your geyser, that could be more efficient… reducing your electrical usage and saving you money.

Starting from just R3990

Comfort – can come in many forms, and enables customized conditions through out the various connected features of the home (Lighting, Heating, Cooling, Shading, Entertainment, etc) according to individual preference.
Like asking Google to turn on your lights… or better yet having them turn on (and off) automatically based on your daily routines and preferences.

Starting from just R990

Security – is having peace of mind from being able to monitoring your home… from anywhere on your mobile device.
Like when you leave home in a hurry and cant remember if you closed your garage door… now you can easily confirm without having to head back home.

Starting from just R1990

Smart Home

Smart home technologies should naturally merge into our daily lives and allow you control over all the features across your home from your mobile phone, tablet or wall panel.

No matter the size, whether you have an existing home or in the process of building one and want to plan for home automation in advance, we can unify control of your home and help you create your ideal living space.

  • Lighting
  • Shading
  • Air Conditioning
  • Under Floor Heating
  • Appliances
  • Geysers
  • Swimming Pools
  • Water Features
  • Irrigation
  • Garage Doors & Gates
  • Power Monitoring of individual appliances or the entire home

Smart Audio Visual

Ambient music in a single area or filling each corner of the home to enjoy a common experience,  we will build the custom Solution to meet your personal preferences.

Now you can even please play different content in each of these areas simultaneously, allowing the whole family (and guests) to enjoy the audio experience anywhere in the home… and still have control of it all from your mobile device.

Here are some of the typical services we can assist with around the home:

  • Distributed Sound and Video systems
  • Home Entertainment Systems
  • Outdoor Entertainment

Smart Connectivity

Internet connectivity around the home has never been more important, as more devices and appliances make use of it to boast their respective functionality.

We can assist with expanding the coverage of your existing network (both cabled and Wi-Fi) to all areas of the home to ensure seamless internet connectivity everywhere, as well as control access to internet services for guests and children.

Here are some of the typical services we can assist with around the home:

  • new WIFI installation
  • upgrade coverage of existing network
  • security and access and control
  • parental control and monitoring of internet connectivity.

Smart Surveillance

having the ability to keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world can be invaluable.

Through a combination of cameras and sensors carefully positioned around the home you will be able to view and monitor of each of the areas at any time of the day, including records of entry at the front door.

From a just a single smart camera in the garage to facilitate delivery drop offs when you are not home, to full surveillance in every area.